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Learn To Rank GMB’s Fast

The methods contained in this GMB Hacks course give you a huge advantage going forward as Google continues to roll out their AI algorithms.


If you’ve experienced rankings slipping or stagnating, this course is going to give you a new way to get those GMB’s ranking like gangbusters!


If this is all new to you, then don’t panic! The course is easy to follow and, you don’t need a science degree to implement the strategies.


With each short video, you’ll be catapulting yourself to the front of the pack and decimating your competitors.


Many of the worlds top SEO experts don’t know this stuff so you will be in strong demand after completing the training!


Many people have been hit hard by the recent changes Google have made and have no answer to it except to build more links, but this has nothing to do with links, so that’s not going to help. However, by understanding what has changed and following the powerful techniques in the training you’ll be feeding google precisely what it wants for now and into the future.


You’ve probably noticed over the past year or two that more and more of the front page of Google is being given over to paid advertising. You may be wondering what you can do about it?

So what´s going on?

Well, Google has invested billions into Google My Business so, the answer lies in understanding how to power up your maps rankings to bury your competition on page two and beyond. This training is going to give you all you need to know to do just that!


Forget costly link building, you won’t need it anymore! Forget the old methods that the other courses teach, we’ve entered a new age and, for that, we need new strategies!


We truly believe this is the greatest opportunity Google has ever presented, but we have to know how to exploit it. For the first time, ever, Google has given us a way to influence their algorithms, and this represents a unique opportunity for those that embrace it.

Come with us on this journey and learn how to manipulate the new Google paradigm!

We Have Over 35 Indepth Videos Covering Everything You Need To Rank GMB's

#GMB Hacks Course Introduction

Importance of Entities

Understanding The Proximity Filter

Essentials of Brand Prominence

Niche Relevance

Traffic and CTR

Establishing Your Power Brand Terms

To Maximise Your Branding Fast

Building A Powerful Entity Structure

Show Google What They Want To See

Boosting Your Branded Search Results

Create A Strong Foundation

The Importance of Keywords in Reviews

Review's Done Right

The Power of Co Occurrence and Co Citation

With an added twist

The Hierarchy of Search

Let Google Tell You What To Do

GMB Spam Score And Reducing Suspensions

Rank Faster With Less Suspensions

Putting Your Backlinks On High Octane

Increase The Power Of Backlinks

iFrame Your Entities

The Most Powerful Elements To iFrames

Power Up Your GMB & Site With Google Forms

Last Touch Attribution On Steroids

Harnessing The Power Of Google Earth

Far More Powerful Than You Ever Imagined

Breaking The Proximity Filter

Rank Further Faster!

Google My Maps The Right Way

Get A Nice Bump With Maps

Sending Traffic For Keyword You Don’t Rank For

Impossible? We’ll Show You How!

Validate Your GMB’s With Calendars

Improves Entity Validity

The Power of Google Lens

This May Just Be The Most Important Google Update

The New Face Of Traffic

Voice Search Is Here And You Can’t Ignore It

Stringing Machine Codes

For Hyper Targeted Entity Associations

Stringing Machine Codes

For Hyper Targeted Entity Associations

The Fast Ranking Method

Rank For Many Keywords In 30 Minutes Or Less

gmbhacks gmb url creator tool

Free #GMB URL Manipulation Software

We all know that traffic and CTR is becoming increasingly important in ranking GMB’s and will only become more so! But there’s a catch 22!

You need traffic to rank your GMB for those juicy buyer intent keywords, but in order to send some traffic and do your CTR you need to be ranking somewhere in maps already! Hmm so if we aren’t ranking already we’re STUCK RIGHT?


Now there’s ………… and it’s about to change your traffic world.

Imagine being able to send traffic to any GMB for absolutely any keyword from your choice of reported geo location!

Well you don’t have to imagine anymore!

This software is the perfect companion to the GMB hacks course and will save you a whole heap of time over manual manipulation.

It’s simple to use and gives you complete control over the keyword and geo selection you wish to send to any given listing.

Look at the examples below to see how crazy you can get!

gmbhacks manipulation tool
gmb hacks manipulatuion tool

with this tool, You can create unlimited GMB urls to target any keyword you want to rank for...

Firmly putting YOU in the driving seat for Ranking GMB's For Any Keyword

Payment Details
  • Learn The GMB Hacks To Take You To The Next Level

  • GMB Hacks Section 1 - Course Introduction - 1 Importance of Entities and Ranking factors
  • GMB Hacks Section 1 - Course Introduction - 2 Understanding the Proximity Filter
  • GMB Hacks Section 1 - Course Introduction - 3 Essentials of Brand Prominence
  • GMB Hacks Section 1 - Course Introduction - 4 Niche Relevance
  • GMB Hacks Section 2 - Establishing your power brand terms
  • GMB Hacks Section 3 - Building a Powerful Entity Structure
  • GMB Hacks Section 4 - Boosting Your Branded Search
  • GMB Hacks Section 5 - The Power Of Co Occurrence and Co Citation
  • GMB Hacks Section 6 - The Hierarchy of Search
  • GMB Hacks Section 7 - Video 1 of 3 GMB Spam Score
  • GMB Hacks Section 7 - Video 2 of 3 Reducing Suspension Rates on Fake
  • GMB Hacks Section 7 - Video 3 of 3 Spoofing Street View For Powerful Trust Signal
  • GMB Hacks Section 8 - Put Your Backlinks On High Octane
  • GMB Hacks Section 9 - I frame your entity
  • GMB Hacks Section 10 - Video 1 of 2 - Harnessing The Power of Google Earth
  • GMB Hacks Section 10 - Video 2 of 2 - Manipulating Google Earth
  • GMB Hacks Section 11 - 1 of 4 - Breaking The Proximity Filter Part 1
  • GMB Hacks Section 11 - 2 of 4 - Breaking The Proximity Filter Part 2
  • GMB Hacks Section 11 - 3 of 4 - Generating Geo Relevance Little Hack To Break Proximity Filter
  • GMB Hacks Section 11 - 4 of 4 - Powerful Geo Signals Using Android
  • GMB Hacks Section 12 - Google My Maps The Right Way
  • GMB Hacks Section 13 - Sending Traffic For Keywords You Don't Rank For
  • GMB Hacks Section 14 - Validate Your GMB With Calendars
  • GMB Hacks Section 15 - The Power Of Images
  • GMB Hacks Section 16 - The New Face Of Traffic
  • GMB Hacks Section 17 - Stringing Machine Codes For Powerful Entity Relationhips
  • GMB Hacks Section 18 - Video 1 of 6 - Video Citations For Fast Maps Ranking Multiple Keywords
  • GMB Hacks Section 18 - Video 2 of 6 - Citations For Individual Keywords
  • GMB Hacks Section 18 - Video 3 of 6 - GMB Posts For Video Citations
  • GMB Hacks Section 18 - Video 4 of 6 - Following Up With Traffic
  • GMB Hacks Section 18 - Video 5 of 6 - Manipulating Search Traffic
  • GMB Hacks Section 18 - Video 6 of 6 - Video Citations Sample Results
  • GMB Hacks Bonus Video 1 - GMB Phone Verification-Things To Consider
  • GMB Hacks Bonus Video 2 - Power Up Your GMB WIth Google Forms
  • GMB Hacks Bonus Video 3 - Twitter Moments
  • GMB Hacks Bonus Video 4 - Why Most Traffic Robots Are Dangerous
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